About Lady Waisted...
After studying both fashion and costume design, Kali Ogle set up Lady Waisted back in 2004. The venture was launched with a small collection of 6 hand-made, original corset designs.
The interest shown in those early designs quickly led onto a further range as Lady Waisted began attracting customers from Europe and USA.
Kali now regularly releases new original designs, while many of those early corsets are still available from LadyWaisted.Com.

Lady Waisted now offers a large range of original, hand-made corsets (both under-bust and over-bust) as well as lingerie, accessories and gifts. Our corsets are well known for their quality, with only the highest quality materials being used. Our fabrics are hand picked by Miss Ogle, for their beauty and strength.
Several of our corsets are suitable for tight-lacing and are constructed to a quality that is difficult top find.

Lady Waisted has been featured on Fashion TV several times and was showcased at London Fashion Week 2008. We have also shown our collections at fashion shows and trade events across the UK. In 2009 Lady Waisted provided 12 corset designs for use at the Cannes Film Festival. These design were also featured on Fashion TV.

Custom Corset Designs

As well as the corsets available here on LadyWaisted.Com, Kali also makes custon one-off designs for weddings, films and theatre. These designs are often elaborate and complex, requiring a great deal of time to make. You can view some of these design in out Gallery.

London Fashion WeekCannes
London Fashion Week
Lady Waisted - Fashion TV

In 2008 Lady Waisted was featured at the London Fashion week. Click the image above to view our gallery.

The Lady Waisted Blog

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